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STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) occupations are the fastest growing jobs in the world. Within the next decade 80% of professions will require a deep understanding of STEAM skills. The United States is currently ranked 49th in the world in terms of math and science education. We need ways to help create and increase enthusiasm and support for the subjects that are changing the world. That’s where MOSI’s STEAM Camps can help. MOSI STEAM Camps provide children with opportunities to learn, practice, and apply STEAM skills through various programs.

MOSI’s STEAM Camp programs integrate STEAM and their associated practices to create a student-centered learning environment in which students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena. MOSI STEAM Camps nurture problem solving skills while allowing children to apply their knowledge through hands-on approaches. MOSI camps foster creativity and innovation by preparing children to think outside the box as they connect science, technology, engineering, art, and math to discover lots of possibilities. STEAM camps foster children’s LOVE of learning. By showing children that learning can be fun and exciting, you set them up to enjoy their education. MOSI STEAM Camp participants learn how to work in a team. STEAM camp allows children to develop stronger social skills with their peers. They will learn that communication is the key to discovering and taking the right actions to find a solution. MOSI STEAM Camps encourage children to experiment and persevere. This resilience benefits children as they progress through the education system as they connect the idea of perseverance with success.

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